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Going Caster - Going Castor
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Going Caster


Going casters specializes in producing quality casters and wheels for both light and heavy loads to cater.  This enables you to be used for domestic and industrial purposes. We manufacture a variety of casters and wheels to cater all your needs.


Casters and wheels are used for many purposes. They are set and installed in different ways for different applications. Following are some factors upon which different types of installations are based on.


Different types of weights are carried by different size and strengths of caster wheels. The higher the load is, the denser the caster wheel is used. For handling truck load weight, the number of casters and wheels used is increased. The load can be divided in the form of different packages as well implying need of more caster wheels. Our line of series of caster wheels are categorized in three types; light, medium and heavy duty series caster wheel.

Floor Conditions

For different floor conditions, different kinds of caster wheels are used. There are around 20 types of caster wheels that are used for different floor conditions. From rough floors to slippery surfaces, our casters and wheels are designed to cater them all. Going caster provides you both, general purpose casters and wheels and special purpose ones. General purpose casters and wheels are available for all kinds of loads. It also suit multiple floor conditions and multiple mild climate changes. To face extreme climate conditions and unusual floor conditions, we produce special purpose casters and wheels upon your requirement.

Extreme Climates

Similar to the floor conditions, different types of casters and wheels are used for different types of climates. Extreme hot or cold temperature can be quite troublesome for many casters and wheels. Going Casters also makes special casters and wheels to handle extreme temperatures. And our general purpose casters and wheels are engineered to withstand a wider range of temperatures than ordinary casters and wheels. This means whatever the weather or the climate is, you can always move around with Going Casters tension freely.

Rolling Ease

The last thing to consider is the how the caster wheels roll. Different caster wheels are manufactured keeping in mind different rolling speeds and ease as well. For making a larger caster wheel, stronger and denser material is used. And the stronger the caster wheel is, the easier it will be for it to roll. There are two types of bearings used with caster wheels to manage different loads.  For heavier loads, roller bearings are used. Ball bearings are used for lighter loads but roll more easily. Going Casters provides you casters and wheels with rolling ease different casters and wheels can achieve.


Going Casters is the name of reliability and quality for casters and wheels. Providing both general purpose casters and wheels, we will be there for you every time you carry luggage and transport. In times of ease and hardship, Going Casters is the brand to trust. We are here at your service, for more enquiry, please email us.

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